Case study: large group facilitation

We facilitated a 90 person, 2-day workshop for a government innovation centre.  Attendees included management and technical leadership from a number of stakeholders, including O&G Operators, Tier 1 Contractors, smaller technology firms, consultants, industry bodies and working groups.


The aim of the event was for attendees from a range of technology based backgrounds to evaluate potential technology innovations in predefined areas. The basis for the discussions was the a report produced by leading consultancy which identified emerging technologies, some currently utilised in other industries, across a range of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs).


The group was broken into 10 groups of approx. 9 people, with relevant mixtures of expertise.  In order to aid group management we took a template based approach, designing large scale templates for each group to work through.  The templates included a series of leading questions designed to stimulate conversation and ensure structured output – essential for collating meaningful output for such a large group.  A small number of “roaming” facilitators visited the groups as they worked through the session, intervening if the group got stuck in a rut or off on a tangent.


Those present spent the two days discussing  the practical application of these technologies within the oil and gas industry and the steps necessary to bring these technologies to market.  The event was attended by over 90 delegates on each day and some real information sharing and animated discussion took place through the use of workshop discussions and mind-mapping sessions, including feedback to the room at each stage.


The output from these sessions was invaluable in looking at options to extend the life expectancy of some of the mature assets in the UKCS by reducing the associated costs of maintenance activities.

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