Case Study: coaching & mentoring

A one-and-a-half day workshop delivered in partnership with Louise Robb Associates.

Louise was asked to support an Health & Safety team in a large petrochemicals company develop their coaching & mentoring capability.  They were looking to for ways to improve their comfort and capability in undertaking coaching conversations, both our on the plant with the workforce and within their own teams.

We partnered with Louise and her team to deliver an accessible workshop that gave the HSE Advisors a simple toolkit they could work through for any conversation.

We spent the first day walking them through the coaching model stage by stage, encouraging them to practice in pairs on real-world challenges they were experiencing.   This allowed them to build on their practice through day, and see the model work in real-time.

On the second day we went into greater depth on a 3 different conversation models, each chosen to reflect challenges that had been raised the day before.  Again the group practiced in small groups, with support from our team.

We ended the second day checking in with each participant to see what they had found useful, where they could apply it and how comfortable they were to so.