Case study: reporting templates


Develop the weekly reporting template for the define stage of a large capital project for a  UKCS operator.  Provide a new concise approach that could demonstrate all relevant data on a 2-sided document that could be easily reviewed together during remote meetings.


We started by using a people-centric approach to identifying optimal reporting data.  This initially included interviews and short workshops with members of the project leadership and technical teams.  We then worked with major interface teams, such as platform ops and major subcontractors.  This ensured we had a thorough understanding of the data required for both effective decision making at operational and strategic levels.

Next we went back to the subcontractors and technical teams to understand where project data was sourced and how it progressed through existing databases and systems.  We reconciled optimal with reality to a create a meaningful balance.

We identified which data was relevant only to particular groups, versus that essential to attainment and planning.

Finally we created the template using a visually driven approach.  Where possible data was displayed in graphic form, reducing text to the absolute minimum.  This allowed for easy presentation and viewing on remote screens.

In parallel we developed a weekly meeting structure (or operating rhythm) that ensured project leadership were up to speed with their own data prior to the meeting, and could talk through any query or challenge.


When the report was rolled out there was an immediate reduction of circa 50% of time spent in attainment meetings.  Clear and concise data led to quick decision making, which in turn led to early intervention when needed.

By engaging with the remote platform team through visual reporting we could come to understand their highest priorities.  We quickly learned that predictability was highly valued as it allowed for the more responsive operational work to flex around it. 

Overall the project was efficiently executed with better than expected productive day and scope liquidation.