Training: Learning Remotely, Together.

Introducing Virtual Instructor Led Training

Welcome to the world of virtual training.  It’s dynamic, immersive and flexible, with (a lot) less time sitting at a screen than you might imagine.

What is it?

Virtual Instructor Led Training, or vILT for short, is where we teach or train in a classroom style over a remote video connection.  You’ll work with an instructor in real-time, you’ll have classmates, you’ll have course material and you’ll have exercises to complete.  What’s different is the level of independence and control you have over that experience.

Why would I choose vILT?

vILT is very accessible, removing the need to commute to a training location, commit to a day out of the office or make arrangements for earlier start or finish times.  It can be completed at home, from your office or even in a quiet corner of a coffee shop.  Anywhere you can get online, you can attend a vILT session.

mother-helping-her-daughter-with-homework-4260475This accessibility breeds greater diversity in training groups, which in turn means richer conversations and excellent opportunities for knowledge sharing.  The informality of the physical learning location usually means that fewer barriers go up, and we can connect quickly with our classmates.  We might get to meet your cats, hear your dog bark at the postman or say hello to your curious toddler interested to see what Mum or Dad are up to.  For many it’s a more relaxed and less pressurised learning environment than a typical training room.

There’s also the added option of recording each session, so if you do get called away as life goes on around you, there’s the option to catch up at a quieter time.

How does it work?

You join a vILT session over video conference, such as Zoom.  The instructor will lead the session, sometimes sharing their screen to walk through content, write on virtual whiteboards or use virtual pinboards and other digital tools.  At all times the emphasis is on ease of use for the learner, with minimal (if any) new technology to grasp.

A typically vILT course will consist of a number of short modules, each an hour or so long. Modules can be spread over a day, or for longer courses several spread out days or weeks.  During each module you’ll get input from your instructor, where you can ask questions as you go, talk with your classmates, and share experiences.

After an hour or so working together you’ll take a break, sparing you from the stresses of staring relentlessly at checkerboard of faces on your screen.  During this downtime you can do whatever you want to re-energise.  Play with your children, turn up the music and dance in the kitchen, or simply sit quietly and digest what you’ve just heard.

After your break you might have an individual exercise to complete.  This could be walkinthewoods - 1working through a section of workbook or taking a walk outside to find some inspiration.  Every instructor has their own style, so you’ll have variety across different courses you attend.  You’ll get clear guidance from your instructor, and he or she will always be available to answer your questions in real-time.

Equally, for those of you less comfortable speaking up in a classroom format, you can communicate privately with your instructor who can pick up queries one-to-one during breaks and individual time.

When you return for your next group session you’ll probably be asked to give some feedback on your individual exercise, before starting another group session.  This time you might be asked to break into smaller groups to discuss and digest a topic.  Alternatively, you might be given a case study to work through together, or maybe get some more input from your instructor.

The modules, breaks and offline activity will build up in this way to form a full course for you and your classmates.

What next?

vILT opens up opportunities for learning that just weren’t there before.  As time spent at home is transforming how we live, we’re seeing vILT sessions appear in almost every field.  You can join anything from a fitness classes to a wine tasting session to bookclubs and back again.

Here at the LEEWAY we provide a variety of vILT off-the-shelf and bespoke courses, as well as delivering more freeform virtual facilitated workshops.