Case Study: Leadership Programmes


A circa 30,000 person, global, FTSE 100 Engineering and Project Management organisation.


To manage the delivery of two global high potential programmes.   Each programme had 2 cohorts per year of 15 participants selected from across the global business.  The first programme was targeted at emerging leaders, the second at established leaders with the potential to move from regional to global positions.


Working with our client’s team we established a curriculum for each of the programmes.  These were designed to provide learning outcomes based upon established high performance behaviours, essential business skills and organisational wisdom.  

We developed and supported the delivery of the curriculum, using a combination of in-person and remote learning, individual work, group projects and one-to-one coaching.  Using strong relationship building skills, we successfully managed a virtual delivery team that included board level Directors, line management, L&D professionals and 3rd party providers.  The team was fluid, undefined and often had conflicting objectives.   

We created workshops, seminars, workplace projects, directed reading and other assignments.  Many of these we hosted, for others we engaged specialist providers or worked with board-level directors to develop learning content based on their area of expertise.

We provided coaches for all our participants, who received both one-to-one and team coaching on a regular basis.

Based on our experiences with the candidates, and with full disclosure to them, we reported quarterly to the board providing feedback on their performance and progress.  At the end of each programme we would provide an evaluation on each participant, with guidance on their potential, future development and position within the business. 


Our participants have progressed from being engineers, contract advisors, HR partners, planners and HSE advisors to Senior VPs, Regional Directors and Business Unit Heads.  

These individuals grew an international community.  Each year new and existing cohorts connected up across business streams and geographies, establishing new partnerships and ways of working.

This strategic, tiered leadership programme provided a platform for cultural change, modernisation and consistency of approach throughout an organisation with diverse operational and geographic requirements.


Nikki’s energy and enthusiasm create an environment in which people feel free to express themselves and motivated to take on new challenges.

Richard, Delivery Manager, UK

“Nikki offers a unique style of bringing out the best in each of the participants in her programs through challenging thoughts, questions, and small group assignments.  She will challenge you to examine yourself in new ways that will lead to enormous personal and professional growth.”

Jason, Principal Engineer, USA

“Nikki always knew exactly what question to ask to get me thinking about things from a different and fresh perspective.”

Ben, Lead Engineer, UK