LEEWAY was started by Nikki Tierney in 2014 as Performance Improvement People.  At that time we supported organisations in the delivery of major capital projects that had a heavy collaborative component.  We worked with project leaders to understand their contractual set up, their scope, their people & behavioural norms, then go on to design operating methods that spoke to these nuances.

Our work included facilitated workshops, readiness reviews, operational rehearsals, meeting reviews & redesign, and project performance reporting & management.

We also undertook leadership team coaching, supervisor development and psychometric analyses as complementary workstreams.

In early 2016 Nikki took the opportunity to work for the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) in Aberdeen, setting up and opening the Innovation Hub in Queens Road.  Nikki worked there for 2 years as Hub Manager, while others continued with Performance Improvement People.

Nikki returned to Performance Improvement People in late 2018, and is leading the relaunch and progression into LEEWAY.  We are now focussing on a unique, human centred approach to technology integration in collaborative organisations.