Resources: Kindness Cards

We saw this great idea on Twitter this morning, by @MrJonnyGreen and retweeted by @DanielPink.  It’s about creating small Kindness Cards, which are like postcards we can pop into our neighbours letterbox. As a suitably stoical Scot, who wants to help but has no social grace whatsoever, this seemed like the ideal icebreaker to me. … Continue reading Resources: Kindness Cards

Case study: reporting templates

BRIEF Develop the weekly reporting template for the define stage of a large capital project for a  UKCS operator.  Provide a new concise approach that could demonstrate all relevant data on a 2-sided document that could be easily reviewed together during remote meetings. WHAT WE DID We started by using a people-centric approach to identifying … Continue reading Case study: reporting templates

Case Study: coaching & mentoring

A one-and-a-half day workshop delivered in partnership with Louise Robb Associates. Louise was asked to support an Health & Safety team in a large petrochemicals company develop their coaching & mentoring capability.  They were looking to for ways to improve their comfort and capability in undertaking coaching conversations, both our on the plant with the … Continue reading Case Study: coaching & mentoring

Training: working on camera

For many traditional facilitators, trainers and presenters, working on camera for a remote audience is a new and challenging experience.  Some take it in their stride and others find it incredibly uncomfortable; but most don’t realise what a significant improvement they can make with some simple training.  We cover some of the fundamentals below. Familiarisation … Continue reading Training: working on camera

Tech: acoustics in your workspace

An often overlooked aspect of collaborative space design is sound management.  That is, the need for speakers to be heard, questions captured, and groups to engage in meaningful dialogue.  Unfortunately, you don’t often realise there’s a problem until it’s too late.  Here are some things to think about to make sure your space sounds just … Continue reading Tech: acoustics in your workspace