Resources: informal videos

We were showing some friends how to use MURAL to set up a exhibition style canvas, with posters and introductions from everyone involved. One of the tools was a 2 minute video, telling everyone about your business. We figured it was easier to show rather than tell, so we made our own. Here’s Nikki giving … Continue reading Resources: informal videos

Migrating to Virtual

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that change can come unexpectedly. And when it comes, it comes fast. Office based working, face-to-face conversations and serendipitous encounters at the coffee machine are fading to memories of a time gone by. While it’s hopefully not forever, it’s unlikely we’ll return to working life as it once … Continue reading Migrating to Virtual

Resources: Speak Up

Download this article as a PDF INTRODUCTION    Another month in lockdown, albeit with some restrictions starting to lift.  Hopefully many of you are able to reconnect with family and friends, and start to enjoy some freedom outdoor. The absence of spontaneous open-ended  conversations has been tough and that got me thinking about the importance … Continue reading Resources: Speak Up

Resources: Support by the Hour

As many of us settle in to working remotely, we’re helping our clients make the transition from in-person to digital group sessions.  Sometimes this can be straightforward, others are finding themselves sitting through arduous half-day meetings, unending monologues, or relentless tech fumbling. We can easy catch ourselves out when we create like-for-like replications of in-person … Continue reading Resources: Support by the Hour

Resources: Kindness Cards

We saw this great idea on Twitter this morning, by @MrJonnyGreen and retweeted by @DanielPink.  It’s about creating small Kindness Cards, which are like postcards we can pop into our neighbours letterbox. As a suitably stoical Scot, who wants to help but has no social grace whatsoever, this seemed like the ideal icebreaker to me. … Continue reading Resources: Kindness Cards