Resources: informal videos

We were showing some friends how to use MURAL to set up a exhibition style canvas, with posters and introductions from everyone involved. One of the tools was a 2 minute video, telling everyone about your business. We figured it was easier to show rather than tell, so we made our own. Here’s Nikki giving … Continue reading Resources: informal videos

Migrating to Virtual

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that change can come unexpectedly. And when it comes, it comes fast. Office based working, face-to-face conversations and serendipitous encounters at the coffee machine are fading to memories of a time gone by. While it’s hopefully not forever, it’s unlikely we’ll return to working life as it once … Continue reading Migrating to Virtual

Case Study: Migration to Virtual Delivery

CLIENT Alterity, a small privately held consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland ( BRIEF  To support Alterity in moving their workshop and analysis processes from in-person to virtual delivery.  Specifically using the online collaboration tool, MURAL (  WHAT WE DID  We started by working with the Alterity team to understand their current delivery model.  This included … Continue reading Case Study: Migration to Virtual Delivery

Case Study: Virtual Facilitation

CLIENT International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Addis Ababa. ILRI is part of CGIAR ( BRIEF To design and deliver a series of digital workshops to launch the collaborative project for Improved Livestock Production Systems in Zimbabwe (LIPS-Zim). Circa 50 participants would be joining the workshops from a number of different organisations, including universities, research organisations, … Continue reading Case Study: Virtual Facilitation

Training: working on camera

For many traditional facilitators, trainers and presenters, working on camera for a remote audience is a new and challenging experience.  Some take it in their stride and others find it incredibly uncomfortable; but most don’t realise what a significant improvement they can make with some simple training.  We cover some of the fundamentals below. Familiarisation … Continue reading Training: working on camera

Tech: acoustics in your workspace

An often overlooked aspect of collaborative space design is sound management.  That is, the need for speakers to be heard, questions captured, and groups to engage in meaningful dialogue.  Unfortunately, you don’t often realise there’s a problem until it’s too late.  Here are some things to think about to make sure your space sounds just … Continue reading Tech: acoustics in your workspace