Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is available for private and commercial clients.

Coaching can offer you a protected discussion space to help you progress your development.  Your coach will provide you with both the support and challenge you require to raise awareness, meet challenges and create new patterns.

We coach from a Gestalt position, working with the whole person on the emerging issues, rather than being fixed on moving through a predefined process.  We always adopt an optimistic stance, helping clients to work through their challenges with positive engagement.

You might find external coaching useful if you would like to:

  • Help individuals struggling with a particular issue or challenge.
  • Help raise awareness of blindspots or issues that sit below the surface.
  • Make a shift to use more of the skills your organisation needs now.
  • Develop an authentic leadership style or culture.

Team Coaching

Like individual coaching, team coaching provides a protected discussion space, where we can work towards improved performance together.  We focus on facilitating meaningful conversations between team members in order to unlock collective skills, knowledge and strengths.

  • Start on the right path with a newly formed team.
  • Support each other through change or new ways of working.
  •  Develop an authentic team culture.

You might find external coaching useful if you would like to:

LEEWAY Coaches

When you work with a LEEWAY coach, you gain a partner committed to you or your team’s growth and development.  Every LEEWAY coach cares deeply about your potential – whether that’s to be an even better manager/leader, to have the difficult conversation or to find the courage to make a change.