As the move towards digitisation progresses, workplaces are changing. Shared virtual and physical spaces are becoming the norm, with organisations blending traditional individual workstations, group meeting rooms and shared breakout areas.

These new co-working spaces are called many things: maker-spaces, breakouts, meeting rooms, enterprise suites, virtual classrooms, showcase environments, innovation hubs and a host of other identifiers.  Each space is unique and has it’s own unique purpose, yet they all have one thing in common: to bring real people together to work effectively.

creating space to work together

When you work with us to create to your co-working space, we’ll start by building an understanding of your why.  What is the unique purpose of the space you are creating?  How are you hoping people will interact with it? What impact will this have on your business?

Once you have clear vision for the space, then we can help you optimise layout, ensuring the ergonomics of the space give you what you need.

We also advise on technology.  This could include hardware such as touch screens, workstations, video conference kit, lighting and audio equipment.  In parallel we can support software selection based on your planned purpose, be that virtual workshops, in-room activity, planning, showcasing or so on.

And finally, once your space is commissioned and ready to go, we can support you with a full on-boarding programme for your team.


operating models & organisational design

Modernising the workplace involves modernising working practices, processes and workflows.  Getting value out of new technology or new spaces, may mean you need to tweak more traditional ways of working.

If you change the way you capture, report and manage data, documents or information, so must you change the way you interact with it.  And to do all that, you need to build human connections.

We design and implement modern operating models for businesses and projects.  We help you understand your operating rhythm, critical data points and performance metrics, then help you put in place a structure to report, communicate and act.

By using our knowledge of group dynamics, collaborative technology and project performance management, we can ensure your working methods leverage your technology,  your expertise and your culture.