LEEWAY is a small consultancy offering learning and facilitation services.

We provide the full suite of professional learning & development services including development programmes, training modules, remote seminars and one-to-one coaching.

Our facilitation services help groups navigate through conversations.  Our varied facilitation portfolio includes supporting board meetings, designing team development days, running problem-solving workshops and hosting safety sessions.  Almost anything that involves a group of people coming together to work.

We are a leader in digital learning and facilitation, moving from pen, paper, post-it and spreadsheet to a modern working toolkit.

We also offer collaborative consultancy services, helping our clients to review their operating models to encompass a more human-centric approach.

Our work includes:

  • Leadership & supervision programmes that help you develop mindsets and behaviours to complement the modern working environment.
  • Coaching and mentoring in both face-to-face and virtual environments.
  • Working with groups in facilitated workshops, using digital or analogue tools.
  • Introducing you to the effective application of digital communication tools, including audio visual equipment, technology hardware and collaborative software.
  • Creating tools & templates for use in collaborative digital environments.
  • Designing and integrating group working spaces for your business.  These could include hubs, war-rooms, forums, classrooms, meeting suites or showcase environments.
  • Developing operating models that reflect the digitisation of workflow whilst retaining the essential human connection.

LEEWAY is uniquely positioned to integrate the many different layers of a truly modern organisation.