development programmes

The way we work is changing.  We have the broadest age demographic ever seen in the professional workplace, increasing cultural diversity through global reach, remote & flexible working, and an ever changing field of technology to understand and apply.

Our combination of traditional leadership development, facilitative working methods and technology knowhow uniquely positions us to support the leaders of tomorrow.

We can design bespoke development programmes to help teams and individuals work effectively in this modern working space.


Enlightening, enjoyable and pragmatic, our training solutions ensure your people leave with more than a stuffed ring binder to sit on the shelf.  We cover a broad range of topics across personal development, supervisory skills, business management and leadership,  We can scale from half- to multi-day sessions as appropriate to the audience.


One-to-one coaching for business and personal clients.  We coach from a Gestalt position, working with the whole person rather than focussing on moving through a predefined process.  We always adopt an optimistic stance, helping clients to work through their challenges with positive engagement.

digital seminars

All of our learning and development services can be hosted in-person or through digital classrooms.  Digital seminars are run in real-time, with live facilitators.  Downloadable recordings available for a limited period afterwards.  Digital seminars are typically shorter sessions or an hour or so, with a greater focus on individual directed learning.  It can be a flexible, cost-effective solution.

bespoke & blended programmes

Most of our work consists of short and medium term programmes that include a variety of different learning methods.  We can develop bespoke programmes that sit within your organisations, ensuring consistency in message, values and objectives.