Moving to a modern collaborative working environment is a holistic exercise, which can quickly get very muddled.  We’ve tried to keep things simple by breaking down our services into 3 broad streams.


The physical or virtual location where work takes place.  Or even a combination of both!  In this business stream sits our consultancy services around the design, specification and fit-out of collaborative working environments.  This includes support in room layout, technology selection, software selection and fit-out activities.


To get value from new technology, people need to understand it, buy into it and know how to put it to work.  This stream includes our offerings in facilitation, onboarding, training, and leadership development.


Finally, we can perform healthchecks and updates to your current working practices to ensure your business processes are aligned with the tools you have at hand.  There’s no benefit in trying to fit a decades-old process into a ultra-modern toolset!