Training & Development

Training Courses

Working well with others requires a solid grounding in the core collaboration skills – understanding people, group work and group process.  We offer a solid grounding in people-centric workplace skills through our training courses.

  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Get Stuff Structured
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Presenting Information & Communicating Clearly
  • Giving Feedback & Guidance
  • Introductory Facilitation Skills
  • Virtual Facilitation
  • Running the Room



We can develop and/or deliver strategic development programmes, combining off-the-shelf and bespoke content.  These can be delivered virtually via our Digital Training Room , or in-person, with one-to-one support and in-job fieldwork.

We have delivered programmes for upskilling of first-line supervision, for high-potential development, and for wide ranging Academy type courses.

Bespoke & Commissions

If none of our standard courses fit your needs, we can write a course specifically for you.    We can create lesson plans, materials and train-the-trainer sessions to ensure a high quality, well delivered product.

Look and Feel

On all LEEWAY courses, the emphasis is on informal, experiential learning with group discussion playing a significant part.  Our workshops are delivered by IAF Certified Professional Facilitators, all of whom are experienced in managing group sessions with emerging themes.  We commence with a learning plan for the day, and then work dynamically through the workshop to meet the needs of the participants, ensuring we deliver the agreed learning outcomes.

Look at the downloads from our Productivity and Time Management course to get the full picture.


ZoomOur digital toolset uses Zoom or MS Teams for our classroom, and MURAL as a collaborative workspace.

Typically each group session lasts around 45 minutes, with participants experiencing taught content, group discussion and Q&A sessions.  Fieldwork or asynchronous group work is assigned between sessions to help with practical application and workplace relevance.

Face-to-face sessions use a traditional group work set-up, with a variety of interactive, engaging and hands-on exercises.