Virtual Services

Virtual Facilitation

Since early 2020, all our lives have been catapulted into remote communication, be that for work, education and even social activities.  Luckily for us, we’ve been delivering remote, room-to-room and digital group sessions for years, growing in experience as technology evolves.  Being early adopters meant we were a step ahead at the tipping point, and now lead the field in virtual workshop delivery.

The majority of our virtual delivery involves working with groups in workshop settings: project launches, team kick-offs, industry consultations, academic research, board meetings and almost any other group setting you can think of.  We also facilitate and coach leadership teams and project teams, as well as delivering development programmes for supervisor and graduate groups.

Learn more about facilitation, and what it means to be a Certified Professional Facilitator.


Not sure how to move to virtual?  We offer consultancy and support to organisations looking to move their business model to the virtual environment.  Our clients cover the whole spectrum from international research groups to small SME’s based all over the world.

We can spend anything from a few hours helping you translate an existing workshop model to virtual delivery, to long-term partnerships as an in-house Digital Facilitator.

Virtual Training

As part of our consultancy offering we often upskill clients in the use of our Digital Toolkit, especially SessionLab and MURAL.  We also design and deliver a specialist Virtual Facilitation training course.

All our other collaborative working courses are available for delivery in either virtual or face-to-face environment.

Our Virtual Toolkit

We have our own in-house toolkit, or can adapt to use our clients preferred technology.  We’ll work with you to co-create your session, help you design and create materials, run your session and issue a follow up report in a format of your choice.

  • SessionLab for co-creating and collaborative workshop planning.
  • MURAL for consultancy, workshop materials and reporting.  We’re part of the MURAL Consultants Network.
  • Zoom for large sessions requiring break out rooms and participant management.
  • MS Teams for smaller groups, teams and one-to-one work.