One conversation at time.

LEEWAY is an Organisational Development Consultancy.  We help people come together effectively to solve problems and deliver work, especially as they migrate from face-to-face to remote working.

We work virtually with our digital toolset, or in blended rooms using modern technology and more human-centric analogue tools.  Although limited at present, we also enjoy the human connection of working physically together, solving problems and meeting challenges as a single group.

Here at LEEWAY we’re influencing positive change in how people work together, one conversation at a time.

freedom to move

Our ethos is based on freedom & individuality.  We celebrate diversity in our work, in our client base and in how we come together as a team.  LEEWAY has a modern community based organisation model.  We work individually on our own specialities, and come together when a client needs greater or broader resources.  This allows us to provide exceptional breadth and depth at appropriate and cost-effective prices.