One conversation at time.

LEEWAY is collaborative working consultancy.  We support people in coming together to share knowledge, learn from each other and experience impactful working sessions.  We work remotely with our digital toolset, or in blended rooms using digital and analogue tools.  Although unable to do so at present, we also enjoy the human connection of working physically together, solving problems and meeting challenges as a single group.

Here at LEEWAY we’re influencing positive change in how people work together, once conversation at a time.


freedom to move

Our ethos is based on freedom & individuality.  We celebrate diversity in our work, in our client base and in how we come together as a team.  LEEWAY has a modern community based organisation model.  We work individually on our own specialities, and come together when a client needs greater or broader resources.  This allows us to provide exceptional breadth and depth at appropriate and cost-effective prices.